Books of 2024

A list of books I'm reading, have read, or may read in 2024.

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I decided on a whim last January to list the books I read throughout 2023. While there are better tools out there to track books, it was fun to share it on my blog (even if no one reads it). So I'm doing it again this year.

As with last year, I don't have a firm number of books I want to read. However, I managed to read 13 books last year, so 12-14 books seems reasonable. I also started listening to audiobooks last year and though I didn't add them to my list, I may will do it this year.

The following is a list of books I'm currently reading, have finished, decided to not continue, and books I'd like to read. Links are to the Goodreads entry or other relevant source for the book.

If an entry is prefaced with 🎧, that means I'm listening to the audiobook version. Otherwise, it's the physical/ebook version of the book.

Currently Reading

Finished Reading

Generally speaking, if I finished a book, it means the book was good enough for me to, well, finish it. A ⭐ means I really enjoyed the book, which is all the qualifications it needs.

Didn't Finish

While there's usually no specific reason why I choose not to finish a book, generally it's some variation of "just couldn't get into it".

Under Consideration

I'll get to those ADHD books one day...

Not Included

  • The innumerable childrens' books that my kids have me read to them

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