App Defaults in 2023

A list of default apps I use for various tasks at the end of 2023

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Inspired by others I've seen across various blogs and on Mastodon, here's a list of default apps I've been using at the end of 2023. I doubt this will change much year-to-year, but we'll see what next year brings.

  • Email: Gmail
  • Calendar: Google Calendar
  • Documents/Cloud Storage: Google Drive
  • PDF Reader: SumatraPDF
  • Photos: Google Photos
  • Password Manager: Bitwarden
  • Notes/Lists/Tasks: Google Keep, Tasks.org (Android)
  • Terminal: Windows Terminal, Termux (Android)
  • Text Editor: Visual Studio Code
  • Screenshots: ShareX
  • Browser (Desktop): Firefox Developer Edition, Chrome (Google apps only)
  • Browser (Mobile): Fennec, DuckDuckGo, Cromite, Chrome (Google apps only)
    • I use URLCheck to pick which app to use when tapping a link
  • Search Engine: DuckDuckGo
  • Chat: Google Messages, Discord, GroupMe
  • Music: YouTube Music, MusicBee, Symfonium (Android)
  • Podcasts: Pocketcasts (Android)
  • Audiobooks: Audiobookshelf
  • Ebooks: Calibre
  • RSS Reader: FreshRSS
  • Mastodon: Moshidon (Android)
  • Hacker News: Harmonic (Android)
  • Twitch: Xtra (Android)
  • Habits: Loop Habit Tracker (Android)
  • File Browser: Solid Explorer (Android)
  • Ad Blocker: uBlock Origin, NextDNS
  • VPN: Mullvad, Google One, Tailscale

See also my Uses page for hardware and other software.

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